GIL: a Toolkit for Novel Human-Computer Interactions

The Grenoble Interaction Library (GIL) is a software toolkit developed at the engineering Human-computer interaction research group, in the LIG laboratory at Grenoble universities.

GIL aims at providing software services for developers of novel form of Human-computer interactions. We are developing GIL for our internal research, but as components of GIL become mature, we try to release them on this web site. At the moment, the following components are available:

gilTclCanvas A tcl/tk widget for drawing and interacting with graphical items on the screen.

gilTclObject A tcl extension that adds object programming constructs to the Tcl language.

gilTclOSC A lightweight tcl extension for formatting and parsing Open Sound Control network packets.

gilDiamondTouch An application that processes MERL DiamondTouch events in order to provide single-user multi-touch on the DiamondTouch.

Getting GIL

Look in the downloads/software section of this site.


The downloadable package contains a demo of the GML canvas, the source of the demo can be used as examples.

A technical report (pdf, 332 Kb) details the motivation, rational and the API of the GML canvas.

Project status

[2009 10 07] Version 0.15.0 has been released.

[2007 01 22] A Mac OS X DiamondTouch driver has been released.

[2006 05 31] Version 0.12.0 released. Includes a new "gmlSystemUIControl" command and some bug fixes. Read "release_notes.txt" for details.

[2005 10 04] A Movies section has been added (check on the left of this page).

[2005 07 25] GML 0.11.0 uses FreeImage to allow the loading of images of type jpg/png/etc. in addition to tiff. It also re-enables computed update regions for performance improvements.

[2005 04 08] GML 0.10.0 is the first public release of the toolkit. It lacks a documentation and probabily still has a few bugs. Feel free to post bug reports to the mailing list

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