The GIL distributions

GIL comes in 2 distributions: a binary distribution and a source distribution. At present, only the binary distribution is available from the download page.

The binary distribution

The GIL binary distribution is a set of compiled shared libraries (one per GIL component), tcl scripts, and demo applications. Shared libraries are compiled for Mac OS X (10.4, universal ppc and intel), Linux (Ubuntu 8.04 x86), and MS Windows (XP). The file hierarchy of the binary distribution is as follow:

DirectoryContent explanation
gil/binShared libraries stored in the osx, x11, and win sub-directories.
gil/scriptGIL Tcl scripts that provide services relying on the Tcl extensions provided in the shared libraries.
gil/demoDemo applications, one per sub-directory.
gil/dependenciesThe dependencies (external software) provided in the GIL distribution.

Some components require the availability, on the executing machine, of some external dependencies not provided in the distribution.

The source distribution

The source distribution provides the source code and build files necessary to compile GIL.

External dependencies

The following table lists the dependencies (external software) that are not provided in the GIL distributions and are required by some GIL components.

GIL componentDependencies not provided
gilTclgilBase*, Tcl8.5.x*, FreeImage3.9.1*, OpenGL
gilTclTkgilBase*, gilTcl*, Tk8.5.x*
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