The gilTclOSC demo application

The GIL distributions include a demo application of gilTclOSC in the following directory:


The launch script or executable is in the _osx, _x11, or _win directory, depending on your platform.

Once launched, the application opens the following window (click to get full definition):

Receiving OSC packets

In order to receive OSC packets, the application must listen either on the TCP or the UDP protocol. In the Network frame, set the port number you want to listen on, and check the protocol you want to use (the application can listen on both TCP and UDP at the same time).

Packets that are received are displayed in the Log frame.

Sending OSC packets

In the Network frame, set the IP address of the machine that is to receive the packets (either as numbers or a name such as ""), set the port number, and choose between the UDP and TCP protocol for sending packets.

Then, you can define the packet itself either directly in the text field of the Send frame, or using the widgets in the Packet frame.

Once the packet is defined, click on the Eval button in the Send frame to actually send the packet.

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