Provided by TclOSC.

 osc_read ?-compact? <channel> ?<timeStampVarName>?
-compactIf present, a flag requiring that the packet is formatted in the compact form.
Otherwise, the packed is returned in the detailed form.
channelThe channel from which to read the OSC packet.
timeStampVarNameIf provided, it is the name of a variable where the OSC time-tag will be stored.

osc_read reads an OSC packet from the Tcl channel <channel> and returns it formatted as a list.

The channel must have been created either with the socket command or the udp_open command. The channel must have been configured for binary translation.

If the packet is an OSC message, the time-tag is always { 0 1 }. The definition of OSC time-tags is provided in the "Temporal Semantics and OSC Time Tags" section of the OSC specification.

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