Provided by TclOSC.

 osc_write <channel> <message_or_bundle> ?{<time_seconds> <time_fract>}?
channelThe channel on which to write the OSC packet.
message_or_bundleAn OSC packet formatted as a list in the detailed form.
time_secondsNumber of seconds in an OSC time-tag.
time_fractFractional part of a second in an OSC time-tag.

osc_write writes the OSC packet <message_or_bundle> on the Tcl channel <channel>.

The channel must have been created either with the socket command or the udp_open command. The channel must have been configured for binary translation.

If an optionnal list of two integers {<time_seconds> <time_fract>} is provided, it is used as the time-tag of the OSC bundle (it is ignored if the packet is a message). If the packet is a bundle and no timestamp is provided, the default timestamp { 0 1 } is used, which OSC defines as "execute immediately". The definition of OSC time-tags is provided in the "Temporal Semantics and OSC Time Tags" section of the OSC specification.

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